Private Treatment

Private Treatment Price List

The practice offers patients a wide range of private treatments. This allows us to provide patients with treatments and materials outside of the NHS and ensure they can receive the treatment they may prefer.

Description Charge
White Fillings from £70-£110
Porcelain Bonded Crowns from £300
Emax Crowns from £395
Gold Crowns from £450
Emax Veneers from £395
Root Canal from £250
Dentures from £400
Tooth Whitening from £250
C FAST braces single arch £1500 two arch £2500
Smile TRU aligners from £1000
Botox /Antiwrinkle Treatment from £180
Dermal Fillers from £195-250
Implants from £2000
Periodontal Treatment £96-£575
Ask your Dentist or Reception for more information and for current offers